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Man, Superman would have kick her ass, and even rape her.

Very well!

Ein Mann der ist verrückt während denkt er an die Frauen? Was geht bei Welt? Sie alles machen nur Anime. Gibt es ein Grund? Aber gutes Animationen !

Yoshiko-Animation responds:

No, haha. I will tell you:

It's about the young german guy David, who studies Japanology in Tokyo. The loneliness sets to him and he falls into depression. He longs for closeness and affection and remembers moments like band performances or an encounter with a young woman. That's the plot xD

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Well, despite the fact that it is not a new game, it give you a little work to do, unlike the others.
The graphic is not the best, but with little work, it may go better.
The only problem that I have spotted is the fact that the button is delaying sometime.
Others than that I would say it got to be improve in the next project.
So make it better, you may do a fine job next time!

Even if this kind of game is outdated, no one can tell that is no longer good!
Retro games have been always good stories.
Thank you for the memories that you brought them back to me!

Simply as the way that an idiot would do it. This kind of help, teach us to do it better by yourself.

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Nice piece of art man! Today is a very rare thing Too bad you haven't insert voice too.

Very cute song!

Necroionutwiz responds:

thanks Des :)

It is very calm and joyful if you think at the type of the song.
Keep up with good work!

Necroionutwiz responds:

thanks :D

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Now that what I love to see!

Modern art?

Just like that! I do like when you are drawing naked women.

Tief unten, wird der Geist befreit.

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